Featured Workshop

U-Turn: Turing Service Inside Out

Prepare yourself for a trip through customer service as Jennifer Dean presents best practices to turn your service inside out. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of customer service and its lasting domino effect. 

Building Dreams Into Reality

This workshop is designed for youth, college students, church groups, or anyone that has lost their way. Know how to develop the mindset that if you can dream it, then you can achieve it. 

Everyday is the First Day of Employment

We need to remember that we should not treat a Monday or Friday any different than any other day of the week. The same philosophy you apply to get is job should not change. You are on an interview every single day and must always give 150% to your job. 

Internal Customer Service

Designed to show how creating a healthy in-house team through internal customer service makes for a fun, safe, and desirable working environment for your entire team. A customer is anyone with a need! 

Looking for a Job is a Job

Getting physically and mentally prepared for finding a job. You have to prepare and plan to find a job, you must put in work to keep the job as well. The same methods you apply to getting a job are the same ones you must maintain to keep a job. 

Diversity in the Workplace

Successful ways to implement diversity in the work place. Creating a diversity guide that manager will be able to implement and execute immediately. Providing an understanding of how the work place is changing and how to build a multi-cultural team. Designed for managers and supervisors. 

Managing the Manager

Provides leaders with tools that will build trust among team members and unleash energy, creativity, and spirit. Additionally, focuses on financial teamwork and building successful teams. 

Seamless Service

A highly participating workshop that focuses on services from the front desk to the back desk, covering professionalism, the domino effect, and making your own weather.

Stilettos or Flats - You Can Have Both

Hold on to your seat, you are about to feel motivated and have some laugh-out-loud moments with this interactive presentation, designed for the everyday woman. Topics will address: proactive approach, effective communication, empowerment, personal motivation, goal setting, excellent customer service, professionalism, and the Domino Effect. This range of transformational techniques will inspire you to be successful in business and life.