Not your average coffee table books.

Get your copy of An Energy Drink for the Soul “The First Sip” today! This book will help encourage, enlighten, and reinforce the fact that we can make it if we try. Jennifer Dean shares years of experiences to show that we all stumble, and sometimes fall, but we get up.

An Energy Drink for the Soul, “Just a Taste” is a 30-day journal that will help encourage and enlighten you with just a few of Mrs. Jennifer Dean’s “Deanisms” that have helped so many along the way!



Inspired Prints

InspiredPrints features inspirational quotes, bible verses and “Deanisms” from Jennifer Dean, designed by Tiffany Wright, Owner and Creative Designer of Inspired. Tiffany Wright is an experienced results-oriented strategic marketing professional and executive with over 17 years of graphic design and brand management experience. 

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About Jennifer Dean

Jennifer Lynn Dean is the President & Founder of Dean’s Professional Services - Smith & Dean, Inc., an award-winning staffing, staff development and consulting firm. In 1993, Dean’s Professional Services opened it’s doors, specializing in medical staffing and consulting. Since that time, the company has become a solution-based partnership for clients, a career home base for their applicants, and a professional development and education partner for the communities served.



“Her style of presentation was phenomenal. The staff was very pleased and appeared to have gained some insight on being an effective employee.”

- Anganette Young, Director, Houston-Based Community Health Organization

“We couldn’t ask for a better speaker for getting people thinking the right way about customer service and their jobs in general”

- Ted Bucknam, National Occupational Health Organization